Half-assed Hippies

So. It’s not a secret that I’m pretty left of center when it comes to political leanings. And most of my family- ALL of Gabe’s family, well they lean to the right. I work in a field where most people tend to be liberal, or at least in regard to the dissemination of information and civil rights- all-are-created-equal kind of way.

We have friends that are more “hippie-ish” than others. Many of my friends participate in CSA (community supported agriculture). One of my friends even said that her resolution this year was to: “Not buy any clothing for an entire year,” which got me thinking. Well, actually I’d been thinking about this since Christmas, when I watched all of the paper get tossed into a plastic garbage bag and quickly thrown in the trash heap so we could get on with the festivities. Clothing causes a lot of waste. So does buying bottled water. Do I buy clothing? Yes. Do I buy bottled water? Yes. But at least I’m aware of the waste it’s causing right? Does knowing it make me think twice before I buy something? Yes.

So I’m a half-assed hippie in that regard. We’re also half-assed hippies in that we recycle. We started recycling initially because it was convenient. I never recycled when it wasn’t convenient. People come and pick up our recycling on Tuesdays. We just set it out, separate from the trash, and get our little bin back. Now, when our bin is filled up, and I still have bottles or plastic or cardboard to recycle, 8 out of 10 times I get tired of the heap of trash next to the filled recycle bin so I just throw it away with the trash. So, there’s that. But we try. And with recycling regularly, we noticed just HOW MUCH stuff is recyclable. It’s insane. It literally halves the amount of actual garbage we have in our trash cans. So we recycle most things.

And when I can, we rely on hand-me-downs and clothing bought at consignment shops. So I suppose that cuts back on waste too.

Did we use cloth diapers? No. But we’re thinking about getting some big ones to use when we start potty traning. We both really liked the idea of cloth diapers, but didn’t feel like we knew enough about how it would work to do it. So we have an enormous amount of diaper waste too.

For the most part we don’t buy a lot of stuff anyhow, and though most of the reasoning behind this is that– we don’t feel we NEED much more than we have…I like to think that we are also cutting back on the waste that’s created from buying stuff we don’t need. Packaging.  I got a free disposable razor with a coupon from CVS. I just opened it the other day. It was packaged like it was embarking upon a trip to the moon. The plastic was impossible to break open and not recyclable. So, I pay attention to things like this now, when I’m buying the little things we need.

More hippie things:

We don’t pay for cable. So we don’t watch the tv everyone is talking about. Both Gabe and I are happy that we have no idea what people are talking about when they mention shit they watch on tv. Plus, I don’t really care to know if Jennifer Aniston is adopting a baby or not. Good for her- but am I going to meet this baby? No. It’s so bizarre once you remove yourself from regular tv watching. There’s so much shit out there and very little actual substance when it comes to television. Yuck.

We 99% of the time buy organic milk which is $5.69 a gallon. Insanity. But I truly believe it’s worth it.

I buy the “green” friendly household cleansers when I get the chance, even though Gabe thinks he might be allergic to them. Wait a minute- maybe that’s his excuse for not using them. Hmmmm

I try to get all no salt, no sugar, no HFCS, etc. stuff for Simon. Has he eaten regular food? Of course! Do I care? Not really! But if I can control it now, I try.

I’d like to participate in a CSA but I haven’t made the committment to do it yet. Maybe this summer, I don’ t know.

So now that I sound like a pretentious wannabe..I don’t think we’re really hippies. But I’m sure that some people in my family think we’re weird or are doing things that won’t really make a difference in the long run. Maybe they’re right. Maybe not. But we are happy with our choices and that’s that. For some reason I was just thinking about it all…probably because our recycle bin is full and it doesn’t come until Tuesday.:)

Happy Friday all!


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