a “typical” evening

It is Thursday.  Just a regular Thursday. I had last weekendoff, and though it was full of a date night and Gabe’smom visiting, and many other fun things…itwas a busy weekend…which isa departure fromour typical “hanging out in pjs all day” type ofweekend/day off. Needless to say, it is Thursday, I have tomorrow off..and I’mexhausted.

Andthen tonight, as I’m walking in the door to see Simon and Gabe on thecouch “reading” one of his favorite “books” (a photo album full of baby pictures of Simon– narcissistic little thing, eh) I was excited to put down my gigantic bottle of Reisling (thank you Drive Thru conveniently located on my corner), take off my coat, and show Simon the new books I got him at the library. And boy was he excited for the books. I picked out a board book about Leaves, and he loves that. He signs “leaf” and sways it back and forth like you’re supposed to. And I got another book about an “Apple Farmer” which I knew he would love due to his infatuation with Apples and the color red.

Normally I get home around 6:15 to 6:30 on these nights. Simon and Gabe have just walked in the door, and I immediately proceed to getting Simon’s dinner ready so we can feed him, feed ourselves, then bath, book, bottle (Iknow) and bed by eight o’clock. Tonight, Simon wasn’t having it. Tonight, Simon only wanted to sit on my lap and read the library books. No eating dinner, etc. So for the most part, that’s what we did. And even though it threw off the schedule, and some fits were thrown, I can honestly say that having him throw a fit because he just wants to sit with me and read books and do nothing else…well I can handle that.



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