Letter: 17 months old.

Hi Sweetie.

So you’re 17 months old. I used to work in a daycare setting, and my absolute FAVORITE age to work with was 18 months-2.5 years old. It was so much fun, to watch them learn so much, so fast. To see them turn from babies into little miniature people. They would come into the Toddler Room speaking only a few words at first, then eventually talking in full sentences, and they’d move onto the Preschool room.

This age, 17 months old, is still my favorite age. You are like a little sponge, repeating words and sounds and noises, and picking up on things that surprise us all the time. You don’t really like bananas, but you will point at one and sign banana, and attempt to say it. The same goes for Apples- although anything remotely red or orange and round is “Apple”.

You are forever putting things on your head. You love to climb. You love to run. You especially love your Grandpa, who took you out on the farm in the snow over our Christmas visit all by himself. He had you all bundled up in boots and snowpants and gloves. You rode on the ATV (or ATM as your Grandma calls it) with your Grandpa and my Uncle Dan and Uncle Phil. It wasn’t uncommon to see Grandpa standing at the door of the room you were napping in. He would peek in and smile at you with your blankie and nuk in your mouth. I think he was torn between loving to watch you sleep, and wanting you to wake up and play some more with him.

You were the star of Christmas this year, and everyone on my side of the family just hovered around you and stared at you…no matter what you were doing, even just eating a hot dog at the table was entertaining to them. Because you’re the only “kid”, you were the big star of the show. You were mostly uninterested in opening presents, though you enjoyed signing “tree” and saying “lights” which you always say in a whisper…”Heights!” you’ll say.

You are getting more teeth! We can feel your molars coming in, in the back and also your canine teeth are finally peeking through. Soon you’ll be able to eat all SORTS of things easier, I promise! But your favorite things to eat these days are: hot dogs, blueberries blueberries blueberries, bread, broccoli, ravioli, and COOKIES. You sign “cookie” over and over, and then sign “Please?” It’s so adorable that it’s hard to say no (although sometimes you will ask for them at 8am, which is even unacceptable to me).

On New Years Day we went to the Columbus Museum of Art and let you run around for a bit in their Center for Creativity.  It was really cool and you were quite the trooper. It was a fun way to spend our day off. Most of the rest of the few days your dad and I had off we spent in our pjs hanging out around the house and relaxing- our favorite.

You also had your first crash and burn that drew blood this weekend. You were teetering on the edge of one of the chairs in the living room when you sat down and fell backwards. I was in the bathroom when it happened and your dad caught you at the last second, so you didn’t quite hit the ground, but you definitely knocked your head good and scared yourself. You must have bit your lip when your head hit the wall because you were bleeding just a little bit. I think that’s a pretty good track record since that was the first time you got “hurt” on our watches. And it was also a good lesson for you to learn re: climbing on the furniture. Like I find myself repeating a lot these days: “That’s not a safe choice…”

You are constantly cracking us up- deciding to wear your boots, winter hat and a diaper, and carrying around my purse…playing with your cars, stepping over me as I lay on the ground- over and over and over again.

You say “Daddy!” a lot, as you run to us with your arms out for a hug. We actually think you might believe “Daddy!” means “hug”, since everytime you run to your dad for a hug, he says “Daddy Loves You.” And you clearly know that I am “Mommy”– so we just think Daddy means Hug to you. And that’s fine. 🙂

I love you so much. I can’t imagine my life without you in it. You have brought SO much joy into your dad’s life and my life. Our favorite thing is you. We love watching you learn and react to new things. Your personality is the best and we can’t wait to see how you grow and change. You are my very best friend.




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