14 months old? Wha?

14 months old.
Not sure why his lips look bluish here. Weird. 14 months.

Dear Simon,

On October 4th, you turned 14 months old. It was also the voter registration deadline in Ohio for the upcoming election, in case you didn’t know. At any rate, I wanted to tell you- you are so stinkin’ cool. And hilarious. Let me see what I can dig up that’s new this month.

Over the past month you have started signing other new signs from the Baby Signing Time DVDs that we watch– oh, twice a day. You sign Moon, and you love the song Go go go go go. You sign it as soon as you hear the intro. You sign Go Go go! And point. You also say Bye bye and wave, and you are in LOVE with being outside.

You love to go to the park, but most of the time you just sit at the bottom of the slide or try to climb up it. That’s your favorite spot- the bottom of the slide. This presents a problem when bigger kids want to come DOWN the slide. However, we will whisk you up to the top of the big slide and you slide down with me, on my lap and you say “wheeeee!” as we rush down it.

When we’re in public (with the exception of the Babytime we went to at Northwest Library, we’ll talk about that in a minute) you are almost shy and reserved, which is funny to me because you don’t seem that way at home to us at all. Even at the park, you stay close to us for the most part, and watch the other kids from afar. You are very sweet with other kiddos, and the babysitter said you are very nice with the 2 little babies that she recently took on.

I started taking you to Toddler Time at the Grandview Library, which is at the perfect time for us on Tuesday mornings. You seem to really love it. This morning you were dancing for the first time there, legs spread out further than should width apart, bouncing ever so slightly up and down to some of my favorite songs from the Songs for Wiggleworms CD. You will stand up and wander for a moment, then you come back and dive headfirst into my lap. Sometimes you just back up straight into it too, depending on how you feel. But the whole time we’re at this story time you have sat and listened to the stories and really took everything in. I love Tuesday mornings now. It’s tough to get there and ready for the sitter on time, but it’s worth every adorable moment you seem to enjoy there.

Now, on the other hand, I took you to my previous place of employment- you might remember, the Northwest Library? The library that I love, where all the people there love YOU because you were in my belly the whole time I worked there and they threw me a baby shower and were so excited about your existence when you showed up in the world? Yea, that place, those people. I took you to Babytime there (because I figured it was probably more age appropriate) and you were NOT good. You were running around. You walked up to the Miss Jenny while she was telling a story and doing rhymes and stood under the easel that held the rhyme boards up smiling. I had to take you out of storytime because you were creating a spectacle dear child, and it got worse from there. You must have been out of sorts or something because you started running away from me….straight into the back staff room. Maybe it was all the space that’s there – free and open to roam, but you didn’t want me to hold you, and you didn’t want anything but to run and SCREAM when I picked you up. It was very weird. So. We’re sticking to the storytime in Grandview for now until I can wrangle you better.

You’re doing this baby babbling now that’s hilarious. You read books to yourself and talk to yourself and can generally keep yourself occupied for a decent amount of time before getting bored. And the babysitter said that when she takes you to her son’s football games you just sit in the stroller and watch the game, and the other parents there have remarked on how good you are. I imagine you’re taking notes so you can try to understand the game of football better later on, right? 🙂 Speaking of which, if we say Brutus, or Go Buckeyes! or O-H-I-O, you will get your Brutus blankie doll, which is awesome.

I know logically that babies learn things, and are little sponges when it comes to picking up on words and behaviors and information in general but I’m constantly amazed by how smart you are. And I just love your personality. I mean, you test me the most- test limits by squirming with this or that, yelling at me, etc. And you get the biggest crocodile tears when I tell you no. And then when you get into something you know you shouldn’t get into, you sign AND say No no no- like you’re telling me…”I know you’re going to say this…” and it cracks me up.

But kid, you are starting to look like your dad I think. I see it when you get pissed about something, or sad, your eyebrows and eyes look just like your dad’s when you do either. And in those moments I’m sad or mad (just like you are) but I still think you’re adorable and love you even more as we learn how to navigate the world with Safe Choices. (Hehehe. I just made that up, but it looks good doesn’t it?)

I had to give you your first baby time out a few weeks ago because you screamed bloody murder at me for no good reason other than I was telling you that you couldn’t have something. You’re normally so even-keeled and even easy to console when you don’t get your way but this was a blood-curdling scream that I could not have in this house. We share a wall with our landlords and I just can’t imagine what they think with all the yelling and singing and bouncing around we do already. Adding screaming to the mix wouldn’t be a good idea I don’t think. So I put you in your crib for a few minutes while I finished getting ready and you were fine. And I’m sure it’s probably too early to start disciplining you that way and honestly you didn’t even seem that mad about it, but I remember thinking: this is the first time-out ever. You are almost 14 months old. And honestly kid, I think that’s a damned good track record for being good. I doubt I could go that long without screwing up something once in a while.

Every so often (we’re beginning to think it’s when you have tomato sauce with dinner) you will wake up crying in the middle of the night and you seem scared. I rock you and hold you and you fall back asleep and each time I think about how much bigger you are than the last time I did that…and it simultaneously rocks my world and breaks my heart. I love being the one to hold you and make you feel better, and watching you grow is amazing and heartbreaking all at once. I love you more with each moment that passes- the good ones and the frustrating ones and the mornings and evenings. All of it.

You are still growing hair just on the very tippy top of your head and in the back. It is coming in blond and looks red when it’s wet or sweaty. Speaking of sweaty, you had some stinky feet for a while but we fixed that with new shoes and some athlete’s foot cream. Athlete’s foot! Craziness! Your ears are still tiny and you’re FINALLY starting to get those top two teeth (I think). You’re drooling and chewing on the metal bar of your crib and I’m just anxious for you to have them so you can eat more food. Right now you eat most people food that isn’t too spicy but meat and big bites are hard to chew with only two bottom teeth.

You are so wonderful, so sweet.  You are already incredibly kind and thoughtful. Each day I swear you get a little taller, smarter and cuter and my heart expands just a bit wider to fit you into it. You’ve imploded my life with sweetness.

Here’s to another great month sweetie. I love you.

My heart,



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