A day off

Well today was a busy busy day- beginning at 7am when Simon’s Mama! Mama! yells became loud enough to warrant going to get him up. We did our normal breakfast/coffee/Baby Signing Time routine, and then after seeing Gabe off to work we headed straight to the Post Office. Simon is always a hit with older folks. They always stop and wave, and even a guy in his car parked next to ours’ rolled down his window to tell me “don’t blink- they get big fast. I have a four year old granddaughter…” Very sweet. It’s so funny how a quick trip to the post office has changed so much. It used to be easy- the hardest part was motivating oneself to GET there. Now the motivation is in getting the car packed with the diaper bag, my purse, the package, oh…yea and the baby. I get him all packed in and spend 25 seconds in the parking lot making the big decision: do I haul out the stroller and take him in that way, or is the line short enough to just hold him- all 25+ pounds of him, and package up the mail I’m about to send while he’s on my hip? I opted to hold him while I packaged up some Easy Mac to send to a friend at school. He was good- watching everything going on and delighting the people around him.

Then it’s back in the car (a fight) to hit Bed Bath and Beyond to finally use that gift card I got for my birthday. They open at 10 and we were there at 9:55. Again he is on my hip because I had the foresight to recognize: I will be buying at least ONE unmanageable big thing on this trip- so we played with a tree outside for five minutes before heading into BB&B and plopping him in a cart. That place is created for women-and the one I go to (on Lane Avenue) is the smallest one in Columbus. The aisles are super narrow, and their stock doesn’t reflect the normal variety of a BB&B (ONLY 3 options for can-openers? One of which I already own?! Come on people!). But we made it through and I was very happy with my purchases:

  • a Wok. I’ve never had one of these, but always wanted one. Very exciting and less expensive than I thought it would be.
  • a new crock-pot. Gabe accidentally shattered the lid on my old one, and this new one has a handy dandy clip-on lid so I can….haul it to all those potluck parties I go to (sarcasm)…Anyhow it’s pretty neat.
  • a new can opener. I opted for the Seen on TV (I’ve never done this before) fancy oval can opener that apparently does it’s own work. I have yet to see how well it works. Gabe told me it’s crap but I’m giving it a shot. My wrists hurt too bad from the other one (WHICH I paid $12.99 for – total rip off- merely 6 months ago).
  • a new vegetable peeler. This isn’t so fancy, but I’d broken both of ours’ while making all of that homemade babyfood back when Simon was 6-10 months old. So this is kind of exciting for me.

It was like Christmas! Except- when I went to go load up the car- I had parked on a complete incline, and it was incredibly windy today. So I couldn’t keep the cart still. I would try to get something out of the cart and put it in the car…and it would go careening down the slope. SO I had to quickly grab Simon, toss him in the car, shut the door (I know I know I know) run after the cart that is heading right towards some rich Upper Arlington person’s Acura with my crock pot and other loot inside. I’m sure it was a hilarious moment to watch, Simon yelling in the car, me running full sprint across the parking lot after my cart.

Back in the car. Simon’s crabby. He’s switching over to one nap a day and getting top teeth. I look at the clock (10:30am). I decide to put off grocery shopping until after his nap. We head to Trader Tots to check out Halloween costumes. I decide to just carry him in and put him down once we get there so he can just run around. There are toys and things there so it was fine. No-go on costumes. They had plenty of cute options, but Simon was not interested in trying them on. Instead he wanted to snuggle with this stuffed animal Bear-Chair in the corner next to the board books (now all over the floor). I picked everything else and carted him home for lunch and nap by 11:30 (which is apparently when he naps for the sitter now).

Home. Leave stuff in the car, I’ll get it after nap.

Lunch. Hot dog, cheese, peas, grapes. Bottle. Nap.

My friend comes over “while Simon’s napping” which he does for only 35 minutes. Lovely. He wakes up sad and cry-baby like, so I know something’s wrong. He has a whole woe-is-me attitude about life and the tragedy of having to go get the goldfish instead of me hand feeding them into his mouth. Oh….life is so hard…..

By 2:00 I’ve given up and just decide to take Mr. Crabby Pants to the grocery, against my better judgment. And he was great! I mean, He dented every can of food I bought by throwing it on the ground, but he lasted a super long time and I was able to get everything I needed with really no fuss at all. I think he was actually too tired to fuss at that point. I also had the most TERRIBLE CASHIER EVER at Giant Eagle who (I shit you not) took about 15 minutes bagging everything and talking about every item. Then being all confused when I asked for Paper instead of Plastic and handed her some reusable bags of my own. This can’t be a new thing, lady.

So with all the bags, and the boy, I load up the car (this time on flat ground). And we get home. Now. I have ice cream, milk, cheese and everything in the trunk- and a crabby toddler who doesn’t like to be inside when someone else is outside. Lots of yelling, banging on the glass door, and stumbling into the house with bags later, I manage to get all the frozen stuff in the fridge and come out to the living roomto see Simon sitting watching Baby Signing Time (again, I know, don’t judge me) on TOP of the bag of grapes and pears. I guess he thought it was a pillow. I start unloading the bag from under his butt and he found a cucumber, which he completely threw a SHIT FIT over when I tried to take it away from him just to wash it off. He carried the cucumber around for half the day. Oh cucumber, how I love you….

Nap attempt started at 3:30. I put him upstairs with a bottle and blankies and started in on the kitchen: sweep, mop, clean the gross oven grates– all that fun stuff. He’s still yelling the whole time. And by 4:15 he was waning, as was I. I finally put everything away and sprawled out on the guest bed (my napping bed) which is right next to Simon’s room. We both fell asleep by 4:30 and I woke up at 6:18. OMG best. nap. ever.

Gabe was home by then (thankfully didn’t wake me up) and Simon woke up at 6:30. By then I’d started dinner and we had a nice night playing. 8pm rolled around and the bugger wasn’t tired, so we let him stay up until 9. We took a bath together and then he FINALLY fell asleep at 9:30, which is unlike him, but I swear that top tooth is about to come through and that long nap had him wired I think.

So that was my day off.

Sometimes I think about a day where I can lay on the couch wrapped up in a blanket drinking tea and watching girl movies and maybe eating some popcorn. Someday.


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