Cue September…

It is officially “fall” in my book. I am feeling chilly, and I got out some of the fall decorations for the house. Gabe says “it’s not fall yet” but in my book, once I have to start wearing socks at night, or heating up the car in the morning, it’s definitely fall.

In September we typically take a drive down to South Carolina to visit Gabe’s mom, dad, sister and her family. They live in a town called Sumter, which is close to Columbia, SC- and only 3 hours from Hilton Head. We usually go around Gabe’s birthday (the fourteenth) since Gretchen’s kids like to celebrate birthdays and we have a small family party with awesome food.

Last year on Gabe’s birthday:

This year on Gabe’s birthday

So we left on our 9 hour car ride Sunday after I got off work. It went pretty well, considering I was exhausted and crabby. Simon slept most of the way, and we got to Sumter at around 3am. Simon went right to sleep and we had a good 5 hours of sleep before getting up the following day. Then we spent some time with the family and having the “party” for Gabe’s birthday. Simon’s little cousins are getting big quick! It took Wyatt (2) some time to come around and play with Simon. Most of the time he was telling him, “Hey! That’s Mine!” in regards to his high chair and whatnot. It was pretty funny. But they look like they could be brothers:

Simon 13 months, Cousin Wyatt, 2 years.

On Tuesday evening we left Simon with his Nonni and Papa (Gabe’s mom and dad) and we drove the three hours to Hilton Head to use my parents’ condo that they graciously let us visit. The drive there wasn’t bad at all (once I got the directions right). And we arrived around 9:30pm. We commenced our relaxing at that point and spent the following days at the pool reading, or at the beach reading. We didn’t do much else actually, other than sit on the patio of the condo and wonder what Simon was doing. It seriously takes about a day and a half to really relax I think, once you have kids. I think it takes that long to UNwind after being on HIGH ALERT with a kiddo Simon’s age (who’s into everything). But we did pretty well I thought.

in a black tshirt reading Bukowski by the pool. Hot, literally.
my legs blending in with my white towel at the pool

So we had perfect weather the whole time and managed to catch some rays before coming back to cloudy Ohio. We drove to Sumter first on Saturday, watched the OSU game for a bit and then got back on the road at 3, getting us home around 12;30am.

I love our trips down there in September, the weather almost always seems to cooperate, and I love seeing and spending time with the neices, nephews and would-be in-laws. While Simon was there he got really attached to everyone and picked up on a lot of things. Things like trying to run, yelling (cussing us out in baby talk), and talking A LOT more. He thrived on the chaos of having four other big kids around and even got two new pairs of big boy shoes. He’s walking around like a little person now and it’s just adorable and breaks my heart a little to see him so grown up.

Trying to get Dunkle Bert's new driver, but falls in the basket of hats instead

Now we’re just gearing up for a big work week this week.  I’m sure the sitter will be excited to learn that Simon thinks he only needs one nap a day now. Joy! Getting ready for work tomorrow should be a breeeeezzzzeeee…. 🙂

So glad to be home and with my boys.


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