Come on, teeth!

So Simon still has just his two front bottom teeth, and they are still pretty crooked, but cute. I read a lot of mommy blogs, and this one has me excited for when Simon has teeth and I can start being a little more inventive with his packed lunches.

Right now a “typical” packed lunch will include some of the following, all cut up into tiny tiny itty bitty pieces:

  • All beef, no nitrate super expensive hot dog
  • canned no salt added organic green beans
  • unsweetened applesauce


  • Jenni-O turkey hot dogs (also expensive)
  • canned no salt added organic carrots
  • Dora the Explora “Half the Sugar!” yogurt
  • cut up grapes


  • Cut up lunch meat of some sort
  • cut up “natural” milk cheese cubes (these are gross and soft and nasty but he loves them)
  • spinach and cheese raviolis – expensive “Toddler graduate” crap
  • blueberries


  • half a veggie burger
  • cheese cubes


  • Easy mac and broccoli

OR (on particularly lazy days)

  • container of some “natural” “no preservatives added” (how is that possible?) babyfood
  • cheesy preservative crap filled goldfish

There are all of these blogs and websites dedicated to feeding your kid all natural stuff and man, it is so appealing. Hormones in milk and dairy products, nitrates in hotdogs, BPA in canned veggies- it all kind of freaks me out. Then I think about how many hot dogs I ate as a kid, and how many packages of macaroni and cheese we went through and assume it’s all fine and dandy. For the first 4 months that Simon was eating food, I made all of it. My hands hurt just thinking about the apples I peeled, cooked and made into apple sauce before realizing they sold unsweetened applesauce at the store (duh) for like $2.00 (same as a bag of organic apples). But all of this takes so much TIME. And I like to think that if I stayed home with him all day, he would be eating all natural fresh everything, hell maybe even still be nursing, and we’d be all crunchy granola and whatnot.

But instead, I work, Gabe works, and we do what’s convenient and I try not to beat myself up too much over all the processed food he eats. After all, most nights while he’s eating his healthy and well balanced meal of semi-natural fruits veggies and meats….

I eat a handful of marshmallows, trailmix and maybe some toast and that’s my dinner. So I guess he’s better off than I am. I suppose I should probably take a vitamin. I swore them off after I stopped nursing because– well vitamins suck and are expensive. Plus the idea of taking a prenatal vitamin when not attempting to be “natal” kind of scares me (illogically, I realize). But I know as long as there are hot dogs in the fridge, we’re good to go. Gabe is happy, Simon’s happy, and I don’t have to worry about either of them going hungry.

But I secretly can’t wait to make pretend healthy sushi and other fun things that the Cooking with my Kid blog dreams up for lunches. I hope I have enough energy, time and imagination when Simon’s teeth come in and he can finally chew big boy foods.


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