12+ months

So this is an update post, because I rarely have my computer out at home anymore. It’s normally in a bag, ready to go to work with me. I’ve been taking my laptop to work because of a lack of computers available to work on. But then some days (most days recently it seems) I don’t have the time to even open my computer at work because I’m needed in another department. The thought has crossed my mind…that I could do a lot of work from home (ordering books. etc) but I just don’t have the ambition to do that these days. Once I’m home, I’m in home mode, and with the exception of checking my email on my phone, I try not to think too much about work. I don’t have much time to anyways because the boy is IN TO EVERYTHING.

Simon has mastered the art of “tippy toes” and gets on them to reach reach reach whatever he wants that we’ve attempted to keep out of his reach until now. This includes but is not limited to: metal letter openers, pens, cards, important bills/mail, glasses full of liquids, magnets, silly bandz, etc. I feel that we might need to install shelves in each room that are at least 6 feet up on the wall in order to get things out of his reach. Because in addition to tippy toes…

We have  a climber. He loves to climb– up AND down things. He obviously hasn’t figured out gravity because we’ve managed to save his dome from blasting off the floor and or coffee table each time he decides to DIVE off of whatever he’s climbed onto. It’s just a matter of time before his skull and some hard surface MEET intimately for the first time. He is daredevil dude, who climbs up onto the couch and then sits up there an bounces with glee on his bottom at his achievement. Then seconds later he’s bounding towards the floor to do it all over again. It is exhausting to watch, and his little mullet gets all sweaty when he’s at his game. Pretty hilarious.

We went to the mall the other day, to play in the “play area” which can only be equated to a padded area full of monkey children who run around like maniacs, spreading disease and bad behavior in every direction. Because Simon’s never experienced anything like this (even the kiddos at COSI are smaller and less crazy) I put him down on the ground and let him experience first hand the craziness of mall-folk. He had a blast. It took him a few minutes to get comfortable but once he did he was incredibly fast. At one point he disappeared under a tunnel and didn’t come out and I had that gut-fear that someone-took-my-baby until he emerged from the other side. He loves other kids, and particularly he loved watching this kid, and he has obviously not picked up on the idea of “Personal Space” either, as he invaded this shuttle-driver’s space and gave him the stink eye…


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