Simon’s First Birthday

For Simon’s birthday (and my birthday) my sister Kimberly came and stayed a WHOLE WEEK with us! I took off Wednesday through Friday (and had the weekend off) and we had such a great time. Kim got to play with and watch Simon on Monday and Tuesday while Gabe and I were at work. Since she lives in Boston right now (booooooo) she hadn’t seen Simon since he was 5 months old so she had a lot of catching up to do. I think they bonded pretty well. She quickly learned how fast he is, how stubborn he is, and how sweet he is.

Tuesday was my birthday, but I worked so not much to report there. Gabe got me some sweet presents though: a laptop fan cooling thingamabob, a gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond, a book “What to Expect in the Toddler Years”, and he had a bunch of photos printed of us and Simon. And he framed three of them in a pretty frame that says “Family…all because two people fell in love.” It was really sweet.

Then Wednesday was THE. BIG. DAY. Simon turned one. ONE. 1! How is that possible?! I watch him toddle around and obviously it’s very possible and it has happened. Yet, I sometimes don’t feel quite “qualified” to be his parent still. Isn’t that weird? I mean, obviously we’re doing alright- and I’m loving every minute- but it’s just gone by so fast.

So Wednesday we woke up and opened some presents,

Fun Presents first thing in the morning!

then went to First Watch for pancakes. Yum! Then home to have Simon take a nap, while we all got ready for the day and for COSI. Within the first 3 minutes of us being through the doors at COSI, I lost my camera and found it at the Lost and Found. Then we walked around some of the exhibits for a while with Simon in the stroller. He just watched everything with wide eyes. There were A LOT of people there because the weather was so hot. (We originally were going to go to the zoo but 95 degree heat and a 50% chance of thunderstorms changed that plan.) Simon just stared at all the kids, and really liked the ocean room with all the water. After we got our fill of walking around (and we knew Simon wouldn’t last in the stroller much longer) we headed up to KidSpace, which is an awesome baby-friendly area with tons of stuff to crawl on (and drool on, barf on, poop on, peep on…I’m sure). We let him loose in there and OH MY GOODNESS he didn’t know where to start and stop. He just went full throttle towards EVERYTHING. Particularly he enjoyed climbing FAST up these cushion-y step things that led up to a jungle gym type area that was baby/toddler safe. He laughed and laughed as he crawled as fast as he could up these, and then at the top would turn around and attempt to crawl just as fast DOWN the steps. He still hasn’t figured out the whole gravity thing. We’re working on it.

There was also another little boy there who was also celebrating his first birthday. Simon pretty much ran circles around him.

He also just loved this water table. Each time we go to COSI it gets more and more fun. It also gets more and more nerve wracking but I think that’s just the way things are going to go anymore…right? While we were in COSI a HUGE thunderstorm hit and cleared up by the time we walked out. And the temperature dropped to 78 degrees, which was SO NICE after having the most humid morning/early afternoon ever. So we got in the car and drove to a local bakery to pick up some cupcakes for Simon’s birthday night after dinner.

When we got home, Simon’s birthday gift to ME was not taking an afternoon nap. Nope, not having it. It’s possible that he was overly tired or just too wound-up from COSI, I’m not sure. So we had dinner kind of early and opened more presents.

And after dinner of course….CUPCAKES and birthday singing. He really liked us singing Happy Birthday to him.

Simon was a happy kid all hopped up on sugar. He definitely liked the icing more than the cake. Gabe ate the leftover pieces since it was a pretty expensive fancy cupcake. Ha. (Gabe always says “it’s a sin to waste food”.)

After all of that excitement, there were still MORE gifts to open. And balloons to play with…

And then finally the day was over and it was bedtime for Simon AND me. (After having a few adult beverages with my sista on the front porch.) He didn’t even make it until his “true” birthday, which was 8:25pm. But without an afternoon nap, and all that excitement, I can’t say that I blame him. We had a great day and it was just the beginning of a great week visiting with friends, family and celebrating our birthdays.

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