Simon’s Birthday Partay

So on Saturday we had a mini-soiree to celebrate Simon’s first birthday. I didn’t want to get too extravagant so we just invited close friends and family and had a mini-potluck/picnic at the park around the corner from our house. The weather was perfect! Sunny and about 81 degrees with a nice breeze. Simon took a long morning nap so by the time Grandma and Nonni showed up he was ready to go! My sister and I went down to the pavilion at the park to decorate while my mom took Simon on a walk and the rest of the family helped gather food and things up in Gabe’s truck to haul down there.

Since Simon is officially walking and scooting around like a wild man, he didn’t last in his stroller for long, and he wasn’t clean for long either. His favorite thing- climbing up and down the pavement drop off around the pavilion where all the mud and dirt were. Anyone who held or touched him got filthy. We even had to take off his pants because he spilled a Diet Coke all over him. That’s how it goes I suppose. I just wish we would’ve had one clean photo before the dirt happened.

So many people came and celebrated with us! Simon’s cousins Celeste and Pierce, Uncle Greg, Nonni and Papa came into town. My mom, sister and Uncle Brett and Aunt Kristen and Gunner also came. We had watermelon, blueberries, strawberries (all Simon’s favorites) as well as lunchmeat sandwiches, pasta salad, coleslaw salad, homemade salsa, and the best part: ICE CREAM CAKE! We thought we’d opt for this since the first cupcake Simon tried wasn’t a big hit. He really liked the ice cream cake though.

After cake, Celeste and Pierce helped Simon open all of his presents. He got SOOO many toys!  He loves his musical table, fridge farm magnets, and cars. He LOVES anything he can push around on the carpet. He also got a jack in the box which is really neat too. And ALL of the Baby Signing Time DVD’s!!! Simon’s such a lucky kid. So many people were so generous. Now we just have to find a place for all of it!! Everyone was great and helped us clean up the mess and I got Simon home, wiped down, and down for a nap. While he napped we all visited for a bit and put together some of his new toys. Then when he woke up we all played with the new things and had a nice time visiting.

It was a great day. After Simon went to bed, we had some more adult porch-hanging out time which was great. I miss my family and it seems like I miss them even more when I’m visiting them. It’s wishful thinking that we’d all live in the same close area sometime soon- but I do wish that alot. It’s so sweet to watch how much they love my baby boy– who’s quickly turning into a toddler. I felt so lucky and blessed during this day and the whole week in fact. It was a great time!


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