Glenn Beck

I’m going there.

This guy is a complete headcase. It absolutely floors me that people listen to him at all, much less SO MANY PEOPLE. Shit!

One of my favorite videos of late is Jon Stewart’s impression of Glenn Beck (who says people who go to “social justice” churches are communists). I just can’t get over this guy. He is certifiably insane. It’s like a car wreck. I just watch with my mouth open.

He says so many things that are just WRONG. He assumes that people without jobs don’t want jobs. He assumes that people relying on federal assistance “welfare” WANT to be on welfare. It absolutely blows my mind. This guy is so far out of touch with reality that he honestly thinks


Shit. The chalkboard. If he knew anything about America’s education system he would know that even f**king American classrooms have more advanced tools than he does. Maybe it’s because the people listening to him spent most of their educated lives staring at a chalkboard? I don’t know. At any rate: Progressives = bad. Go back to the Constitution = good.

Does he know anything about how things were back then? Not saying I know more than him, but I sure as F*&K know that when you read shit (i.e. even the BIBLE) you take into consideration the HISTORICAL CONTEXT IN WHICH IT WAS WRITTEN. Dude, I studied SHAKESPEARE in college. Do you think that gave me marketable skillz for the job force?! NO NOT REALLY!!!! Did it give me the ability to read this WITHIN THE HISTORICAL/SOCIAL/CULTURAL CONTEXT IN WHICH THINGS WERE GOING ON —–> YES.

Oh my god. It blows my mind. I don’t really get pissed about it because I figure, if people are mad about “Obamacare” (which by the way, if you believe people deserve substandard care because they are poor, you can go straight to hell in my book) ; and they’re mad about the way Obama is handling the war we started (while he wasn’t in office) or the way he’s handling domestic policy (after we’ve supremely screwed it up for the last 10-25 years) or WHATEVER YOU THINK…

Go ahead and think it.

It’s alright Red states: GET PISSED.

We got pissed, so we showed up to vote. It’s our turn now, you’ll get yours’ back soon enough.

And then, things will….

BE THE SAME. They never change that much. The only thing that changes is the level in which people report on the shit that’s happening and (as I’ve posted before) there’s always some bullshit happening somewhere.

Everyone needs to THINK more, REACT less, and chill out. Seriously.

And if you think you’re the only one in this country who works hard and gets little in return, you’re damn WRONG. I see those people, everyday. There are good people in this country– LOTS OF THEM– who are dealt an unfair hand. It’s just what happens sometimes.

Ok, off soapbox.

I hate Glenn Beck, but not enough to do anything but remark about what an idiot he is and how I’m surprised by how many other idiots believe what he says. That is all.


2 thoughts on “Glenn Beck

  1. Mandy — I like both Glenn Beck and Jon Stewart…hmmmm…don’t know what that means. Used to like Rush and O’Reilly, but now think they’re kind of pricks. Beck will most likely become a prick in my mind and Stewart will shortly follow. I guess my good favor is temporary (or something). Keep it up with the pics of Simon!!!

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