Before and After

The way our apartment is set up, (if you’ve ever been here you’re familiar) is that we have two living rooms. One I refer to as “the parlor” where we let the baby crawl around because the carpet is thicker and provides less of a THUMP when Simon tips himself over. The other room is the room we spend most of our time in, our “living room” which houses our ancient box television set, and also the Exersaucer, where Simon spends time as we sit on the couch. Rarely is the tv on, as it blips in and out with our digital converter box and rabbit ears. Instead we opt for DVDs, which are discolored in certain corners of the television screen- but we don’t care enough to replace it. At any rate, the main focus is my laptop, which is always on, and always places on the coffee table in the living room.

Recently, I switched my screen saver on the laptop to be a My Pictures slideshow. I used to have this option on all the time, which was fun to watch when friends were over. We’d all laugh at pictures that drummed up certain memories, of certain nights/weddings/parties that were a blast.  I switched OFF the My Pictures slideshow after having the baby when all of the sudden parents and family-types were visiting and it was just a little weird to see pictures of Gabe in his Uh-mare-i-kuhn shirt and mullet wig, me in a care bear outfit, quite obviously wasted at a Halloween party– immediately after an adorable picture of my newborn son hit the screen. Awkward moments were had, so I shut it off.

Since switching the screen saver over it’s just very obvious to me how different my life is now to how it was before. I stare wistfully at skinny-me in photos, and wonder how I ever drank that much redbull and vodka and managed to not only FUNCTION the next day, but function WELL. I marvel at how my liver served me in those days. I know it can no longer do it. It’s ok. But the picture differences are drastic. This laptop was purchased in 2006. It’s now 2010. See here:

swimming at 2am, August 2008
August 2009
I'M HERE! August 2009


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