some things I’ve been meaning to say

But haven’t had the time….

So you know after you have a baby, roundabout 3 months later, all your hair starts falling out like crazy. It’s disgusting, and alarming. It falls out and gets limp, and everywhere. More than once I found stray hairs in simon’s diaper, wrapped around his fat rolls and boy bits. Poor kid. But I’m here to announce that my hair is growing back. And…I now have a “poof” of hair growing in where it’s normally parted. The hair that is coming in is half red, 1/4 grey and 1/4 dark scary red. The latter two colors also = alarming. First off, grey?! Grey?!?!?! I get it, I’m 31 (the other day all day long I thought I was 32..another story) and getting older. I try to pluck the greys and realize that “two will grow in its place” and sadly, that seems to be true. The DARK RED hairs?! They’re like oddly red- blood red almost, and it’s creepy. Top this off with the texture of said hairs–> gross. It’s like old lady textured hairs. Not happy about any of this. *EDIT* Upside: I just realized this is scarlet and grey hair- which means I may have my own fancy Buckeye Hairdo in the coming years.

Also: this week I’ve made two crock pot recipes where I was satisfied with the results, so I wanted to share them with you:

Chicken drumsticks: on sale at Giant Eagle for $2.56 for SIX of them! 1 Bottle of Jack Daniels barbeque sauce. Put chicken and sauce in slow cooker all day on low. OMG they were super good.

Chicken breasts- sliced thinly. Added: 1 smallish bag of frozen corn, 1 can of RINSED black beans, 1/2 cup of salsa, 1 can of tomatoes (with onion and garlic). All contents in slow cooker on low, all day. YUM Mexican like goulash. Served with low-fat mexican shredded cheese on top. A good side would be spanish rice or something like that, but I didn’t have any on hand so Gabe was left to his own devices for sides. I think he was satisfied with both meals.

Tonight: ham and potatoes- perhaps some broccoli.

I’m working hard at planning meals ahead, at least a week. It’s helping our budget and keeping the man happy I think. I’ve found that as long as there’s food and Lipton Cold Brew Iced Tea in the house, he really needs little else to remain happy with life. Well, an internet connection helps too…but I feel the same way.

Simon’s doing well- nose constantly running and no teeth yet. Nothing even poking through. He may be 12 before we see teeth on the boy. We’re almost to 8 months with no teeth. Oh well. He’s been running a low fever and gnawing on everything in sight so they have to pop up at some point. In the meantime we adore the gummy smiles and lots of laughing from the smiley boy.


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