Life in bullet points

  • I’ve found that a cocktail or two really helps with sleep-training, for me more than the kiddo. (I’M drinking the cocktail or glass of wine, not Simon)
  • I’m much more blind than I ever realized, and am sporting some new green glasses. Hooray for eyesight!
  • Simon scratches things now. Whatever he can get his hands on, scratch scratch scratch.
  • I think Simon may have descended from kittens, as his favorite toy of late is the cord that pulls his play telephone. One would think that this would be a choking hazard, so we watch him closely with this toy, but I’m starting to think I could get a ball of yarn at JoAnn Fabrics and be set with entertainment for the boy for a while.
  • Simon successfully points at mommy and daddy’s noses, mouths and has signed the word milk several times. Much like a puppy, he does not like to perform his tricks in front of strangers. He only does these things when in the mood.
  • He still very much likes books- he likes to turn the pages.
  • Aunt Carie got him some sign language flash cards. We know that he does not understand what they mean, but he is thoroughly enthused when we hold them up to him so he can see.
  • Gabe, Simon and I have been passing around illness for about three weeks now. I kept thinking it was the same bug, but now I’m wondering if they aren’t just slight iterations of different viruses because we are all sick at different times.
  • It does not matter how often you wash your hands (even if they crack and bleed from doing so) if your nose is running, his nose is running, and everything in sight goes into the boy’s mouth.
  • Still no visible teeth that we can SEE, but something must be in there because the boy drools GALLONS of drool every day.
  • Simon has tried the following foods: corn, sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, broccoli, pears, apples, peaches and cereal. He appears to have no preference, as long as we shovel it into his mouth in a timely manner.
  • He also appears to have no “off” valve when it comes to eating food. If we fed him until he turned his head away, we would have an empty refrigerator, and it would probably take 4 hours.
  • No news on the house buying front yet- we assume the inspection happened, as they were over in the other side of the building shortly after the inspection, but have heard no word on the sale, and the For Sale and For Rent signs still sit outside. So…not sure what that means.
  • Simon gets very somber when I put him in his carseat. Then about 5 minutes into the drive he gets annoyed and starts slapping at his rattle puppydog in an irritated manner, and grunting.
  • Work has been great, busy, fulfilling and lovely.  It’s nice to have a place to “land”.
  • Gabe and I had a “night out” last night for dinner for Dine Originals week at Z Cucina. It was just ok- and neither of us felt great due to our colds. But still, it was very nice to get out without the baby. Thanks Uncle Bert!

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