Stuff I like

So I’m not really anyone who necessarily deserves an opinion on fashion or anything trendy because I tend to find something I like and just stick with it for…oh, 15+ years. Think I’m kidding? I’ve had the same hairdo for 16 plus years. Yea, I’m no expert on what’s “cool”. However, I thought I would share the things I do like, and use regularly, since I’ve recently added some new things to the mix.

Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer (Champagne) This stuff is awesome and has that menthol-y taste to it. Gabe’s addicted to regular Burt’s Bees lip balm and I have started to really really like it too. The Lip Shimmer is nice because it turns matte lipstick a little shimmer-y and works like lip balm at the same time. Love. It. I buy it at Target but they sell it pretty much everywhere.

Mary Kay Tinted Lip Balm (Blush) This is the runner up to the Lip Shimmer but it’s really really close. I just got this for Christmas from my would-be mother-in-law who is the MK goddess. She gets me the most amazing stuff and I love love love all of it. I would list it all but this would turn into a Mary Kay advertisement so I’ll just say- try it, it’s all really good stuff. I’m a MK fan now.

Mary Kay Neutral Lip Liner. This stuff literally matches everything.

Very Sexy perfume from Victoria Secret. I’ve worn this for 5 winters in a row now. Men like it. It goes great with vanilla lotion from anywhere, but I usually get Bath and Body Works.

Angel Perfume. This is my “fancy” fragrance that also goes great with vanilla lotion.

Flirt! eyeshadow from Kohls. I like the colors Witchy and Cream something…I’ve had them forever and I like them.

And now for the Baby related stuff

Beaba Babycook Babyfood maker. This thing has allowed us to introduce veggies to the boy without having to buy the overpriced babyfood on the shelf. I can get frozen veggies or canned (jury’s out on which is necessarily better..I’ve read either) – I can do organic and it only takes about 15 minutes for the whole process.

Beaba Multiportion Freezer tray Again, this makes everything easier. Since it’s silicone I can just pop a portion out and thaw, ready to go. I thought this whole set was unnecessary before, but it’s SO NICE to have the tools to make this easy.

Gentle Naturals Excema care: This stuff appears to be the best-working stuff I’ve found (even better than Aquaphor) on Simon’s dry dry dry skin. Main ingredient is aloe, and then all the other stuff that makes it work is listed after that on the ingredients list. Love it.

Coupons. (Duh)

Lamaze Ocotunes toy. Each little leg is a horn that plays a note- and the air it pushes out smells like vanilla!

Family dinners. We have had a few in the last week (on days I get home in time to eat while Simon’s still up). They involve the high chair in our kitchen (takes up 3/4 of the space but whatever) and eventually sitting down and chatting with Gabe while we eat and Simon watches from his chair. When it’s all happening smoothly, I think to myself how I never thought we’d get to a point where things would be somewhat easy. Now that I’ve written that down, it will not happen that way, but it is nice to think about nonetheless.

That’s all I’ve got for now. This post was a long time coming (I started it months ago) and it’s not a full list but I thought I’d add it just the same.


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