This week

This week has been a doozy…week two of the “new job” and Simon’s dr. appointment today, and a big staff meeting at the buttcrackofdawn tomorrow morning.

Today was Simon’s “four month” appointment. We’re a little behind since Simon’s five and a half months old. It’s kind of nice though- I don’t know how I feel about vaccines completely, but I like the idea that he’s a month and a half older each time he gets a dose of the medicines. In my mind hes a bit bigger and stronger being just a little over the four month mark when they inject him with dead viruses. Sigh. Oh well. I can handle a fever and fussiness, I probably wouldn’t handle potential paralysis and/or death of my infant son very well. Regardless, it’s so hard to see him get pricked. Actually- I’ve not seen it happen yet. Gabe went with me the last time and was the bad guy “holding him down” while he got his shots. And today, I could feel the blood rushing from my head and giving me that pit-of-my-stomach nausea feeling as soon as we walked in the door, so I had to ask a nurse to please let me stand outside and I’d rush in to be the savior when it was over. I’m not always so good with needles.

Today Simon weighed 19.6 pounds and was 26 a 3/4 inches long! He’s in the 90th percentile for weight (again) and the 75th percentile for height. His head size jumped from 50th percentile to 75th, but I think that’s because of his head shape- and the last nurse who measured it (at the two month appointment) didn’t seem to measure right in my opinion. Regardless, his head is the right size for his body- even if it’s a little misshapen (you can thank your dad’s genes for that, Simon).

The doctor said we’re good to go if we want to start giving him food, so that’ll be the next thing on the list. I’m excited to see how he reacts to that. I think he’ll like it since he’s taking an obvious interest in anything we’re putting in our mouths- and has even followed the trail of my spoon with his mouth open like a baby bird while I was eating ice cream. I’ll be sure to post pictures of his first impression of food. He sucks down the Rotovirus vaccine like it’s candy- and anything else for that matter. He likes food. I’m excited to break out my babyfood maker and start whipping up some good veggies and fruits for him. I think it will be good for us too, since I’ll likely make it out of the food that I also make for us.

The doctor was also impressed by Simon’s ability to pull things to his mouth (namely his pacifier) and how he can sit up halfway unattended. She said that his swaying side to side motion (while sitting up) was a 7 month old skill so I was all proud of my “advanced” child. I suppose it’s good he can move that body since it’s so big! When he was laying down and started his typical running-man moves she said, “He’s a mover!” I have to agree. I’m terrified of when he starts becoming more mobile because he seems to have two gears- Park (or sleep) and SUPER FAST.

And when he got his shots he barely cried this time, and even was smiley at the nurse afterwards. Now last time he got the shots he was sleepy the first day and extremely crabby the next- so I’m prepared for the fussiness tomorrow. Right now he’s sleeping so I haven’t seen him since I got home from work since his bedtimes are creeping up to the 8-8:30 range, which is kind of a bummer. But I’m glad he’s getting sleep. And I’m still glad I get those sweet moments in the early morning with him in our bed. I know, I’m creating a bad habit by bringing him in our bed at 5 or 6am but he’s awake, and smiling and making noise….when I bring him into our bed he goes right back to sleep. And I love sleep. So much. So so much.

So I should go to bed soon because tomorrow will come quick I’m sure. There’s a big big meeting and I would hate to be late to it. And I just pray that Simon behaves during the whole thing! Maybe he’ll sleep through it???? Ha! Doubtful!

My second cousin goes to KU!


2 thoughts on “This week

  1. My Aunt Vic and Uncle Phil live in Kansas City and my cousin Dan is a freshman at KU, so they have given us several Kansas items for babies. 🙂

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