5 months old

5 months old

Dear Simon,

Wow. You’ve been here nearly half a year and it’s crazy how fast time flies. You have gotten so big- 19 pounds since the last time we weighed you on 12/23/09. Your dad and I both have a hard time holding you in just one arm anymore. You fidget and squirm enough that we need to keep two arms on you at all times. Just today I laid you on your back on the couch with your side against the back of the couch. When I came back, not 2 minutes later, you were turned completely around, with your legs dangling off the couch. You are just weeks away from crawling I’m sure. When we lay you on your tummy you attempt to inch your way along- bringing your feet up under you, butt in the air, and you push off like a frog. You haven’t mastered moving your arms at the same time yet, I’m sure that will come with practice. You’ve started rolling over more and more often, only from tummy to back, but you’re definitely on the move- and I’m terrified of when you start becoming really mobile. We have so much baby-proofing to do!!!!

You still go to two separate sitters, and now that Dad is working Monday through Friday, he’s bummed that he doesn’t get to hang out with you on Mondays anymore. You seem to really like either sitter, and you eat a LOT when you’re at Tara’s, but not so much when you’re at Cheryl’s. At Cheryl’s there are a lot more kids, so I think you stay busy watching them all play around you so you don’t think about eating so much. You’ve survived (and currently are surviving) your first cold, which is traumatic because you can’t breathe out of your nose very well and pretty much everything is tough when you can’t breathe properly. If it makes you feel any better, both your Dad and I have the same cold so we’re all pretty miserable right now. It’ll all pass soon enough.

We took you on your first swimming venture on New Year’s Eve- and you seemed very interested in what was going on, but not as in love with it as we imagined you’d be. I think the smell of the chlorine and the cold water shocked you a bit. You didn’t cry, but you didn’t really start smiling until the second venture to the pool on New Year’s Day. We went down for a celebratory swim after watching the Buckeyes tromp on Oregon in the Rose Bowl. Your dad and I had such a nice two-day getaway in the hotel. It made me wish we had a pool because you were so tuckered out that first night that you only woke up one time! Thank you, Simon…THANK YOU.

Speaking of sleep- I still don’t get much of it. It’s not your fault. I hear every noise that comes out of you. I’ve gradually shut off the baby monitor, and I still would hear you down the hall. Then I graduated to also turning UP our noise machine, and shutting our bedroom door to see if maybe that would make me stop running down to your room when you really didn’t need me, but you were just grunting in your sleep, or dreaming. We’re still working on it. You still need a little attention now and then in the middle of the night and that’s okay.

You are hilarious. You talk so much. Actually, you yell most of the time- and it’s really funny. Sometimes your Dad and I swear you’re saying “Whoa.” I can’t wait to see what you’re just waiting to say to us. It seems sometimes that you’re going to burst out in complete sentences soon.

Your naps are getting shorter and shorter. Your are still enamored with your hands, but are using them in different ways now- you grasp at my hand or the bottle when we feed you. You recognize the bottle is food and you shake your face vigorously towards anything coming near your face when you are hungry. You chew on your pointer finger on your left hand so much that you’re developing a mark there. I think that means teeth are coming soon.

You got SO many toys for Christmas, and your favorites are the ones that make noise of course. I constantly have Hickory Dickory Dock and Old MacDonald had a Farm in my head from the set of keys that magically makes noise. You also love your crawl and roll ball that lights up and rolls around on it’s own- and your Puppy dog that talks and sings.

You still like the ABC’s sung and signed to you, and also the Itsy Bitsy Spider. I’ve learned that if I sing to you upon strapping you into your carseat, you become sidetracked and don’t fuss as much. We’ve also learned that sometimes you just need to be alone for a bit, with your fuzzy white blanket over your head to just be by yourself. It calms you down for a while. I understand, everyone needs to get away once in a while.

I love your face, your facial expressions- particularly when you’re frustrated or angry with me you get this angry brow that looks just like your dad. Though everyone (and I too) thinks you look a lot like your Uncle Brett still. You’re starting to throw your arms up and I like to think it’s because you want me to hold you. Sometimes I’m right and sometimes you’re just throwing your arms up in frustration I think.

The past few nights you have been so tired that you won’t let me rock you to sleep. We simply have to place you down wherever you’re going to sleep and put your blankie over your head. You fuss a bit but eventually fall asleep and it breaks my heart that I can’t rock you to sleep. You have a cold, so your dad tells me it could just be that you’re fussy because you don’t feel good. I hope that’s true because rocking you to sleep is one of my favorite things. We still listen to Bedtime with the Beatles every night, so I hum little bits of those songs to you as we rock.

Son, you are my joy- you make everyday better for me. You light up my mornings even with little sleep. Your smile slays me and watching you explore the world is making me more thankful than ever for all the blessings in my life. I love you so much. Happy 5 month birthday little man.




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