2 First Christmases, late.

It is currently January 5th 2010 and I can’t get used to seeing 2010 because I feel like I should be able to defy gravity or something by now, it’s so futuristic looking!

At any rate, here’s the play by play of our wonderful two Christmases, albeit late as all hell.

On Wednesday the 23rd, I took off with Simon in the car and drove to good ol’ Salem Ohio with Simon. Gabe had to work so he drove up late Christmas Eve night. Don’t even get me started on the stupidity of his schedule at work- I seriously cry for all of the upcoming holidays in our lives where he will inevitably be absent for the first few hours, because so many people in the “union” have “seniority” over him. Blah blah blah whatever. We’re all lucky to have jobs blah blah blah.

So Simon and I had some quality time with my parents and my siblings, enjoying naps and sleeping in the same bed and adorable cooing noises and fun was had by all. Then on Christmas Eve, we had our extended family event with the amazing beef tenderloin and extras meal that my mother made with two failing ovens (GO MOM!). It was delicious. Simon was introduced to his Great Aunt Vickie and Uncle Phil, and my Pap managed to come out and spend the evening with us as well. It was so nice, and I was especially happy when Gabe finally arrived at 8pm, just in time to open presents and have a few celebratory drinks with my family.

with Aunt Kim Christmas Morning 2009

Grandma and Grandpa Lee 12/2009

My sister Kim made this amazing slideshow for all of us that included pictures of my grandma and grandpa simon (Pap) and we all watched it together. It simultaneously made me want to cry for not having a Mac computer and for the fact that people grow old, I now have a son, and his nearly 20 pound body was breaking my arm as I rocked him to sleep in the recliner and watched pictures of my family’s life go across the screen to old-timey music. (Hello run-on sentence!) A picture flashed across the screen of me, with my firey red hair at age 2, kissing my Pap who’s wearing a birthday hat and immediately fell to pieces. My grandpa was a strong man, a man’s man, and now he has trouble walking and told me, “Boy, I couldn’t lift him if I tried!” when I placed Simon on his lap. It is so hard to watch someone you love become physically weak. He loved the slideshow as much as the rest of us, and I believe it was that slideshow that gave him the energy and pep in his step that lasted for a week after Christmas. Thank you Kim for that awesome awesome show. BTW you never emailed me the pictures. 🙂

Simon with his Great Grandpa George 2009

On Christmas morning we had quiche and hot cocoa and opened the presents from “Santa” — I know, I’m 31 I shouldn’t get presents from Santa, but we do so shut it. It was so nice to be in PJs with my brother, sister-in-law, sister and parents. Then later on in the day we loaded up to come home to Cbus, where Gabe and I enjoyed a quiet night in exchanging our gifts, having celebratory wine/beer and snuggling up in our pjs with Simon and watching a movie. The entire 3 day event went way too quickly, and I wish I could slow down those days and freeze frame moments from them.

Our first Family Christmas 2009

But no, the next day I went back to work.

And Gabe watched Simon. And then Sunday we trekked up to northeastern Ohio again to have Gabe’s family’s Christmas, which was at a hotel this year since his family has relocated (mostly) to South Carolina. So we had a hotel family Christmas, which ended up being lovely though short-lived. We were able to visit with the neices and nephews that we love and miss- and we got introduced to Sampson the new puppy that one of the nephews got for Christmas. He was so precious! I wanted to bring him home with me.

Geig Grandkids
Celeste, Sampson and me

Gabe’s sister’s youngest, Wyatt, still doesn’t like sharing his Nonni or his Mommy with Simon, but he’s coming around a bit. And we got lots of hugs and kisses from Maddie. And Simon really loved Celeste, Gabe’s brother’s little girl, too.

Wyatt sharing his PaPa with Simon 2009

And then Monday we had a nice breakfast with Gabe’s friends from HS and then it was back to Cbus. A mad-dash of Christmas in six days. It was great and I was glad to see everyone. We received so many cool presents and generous gifts. Simon got a toy chest (yay!) and toys to put in it, and lots of noisy toys that he likes to play with even now. He also got some great new outfits. Gabe got me a really cool digital picture frame and I got him an ice cream maker. We had such a great holiday and feel incredibly blessed. I think Simon really enjoyed his First Christmas outside the womb- as he’s always smiley and happy to be around people so long as his belly is full. We certainly enjoyed his addition to the family festivities.


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