Thanksgiving 2009

Simon's First Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving was lovely but the two days we were home went incredibly fast. We drove separately (Gabe and I) on Thursday morning, getting to Salem by 11:30am. We decided not to fight the awful Wednesday night traffic and instead head out Thanksgiving morning. The holiday itself was great, though it was strange to be home without my sister Kim there. Mom hosted dinner and made a fabulous meal (as always) even though her oven was erratically turning off, we ate a fully cooked turkey and twice-baked cupcakes and corn casserole, broccoli, stuffing, potatoes, all of the wonderful foods for Thanksgiving. It was also a strange holiday to not have Grandpa there at the table. He wasn’t feeling good, so he didn’t come over. His presence was also sorely missed.

Everyone oohed and aahhhhed over Simon most of the day Thursday- being the only grandchild and baby, he was played with and tickled and photographed and loved and cuddled a ton. He seemed to love it.  In the evening we had some coffee and pie and then some wine. It was nice to be home and relax a bit. My best friend Dee came over and hung out in the evening too, which was so nice.

Then Friday Gabe had to work so he left at 5:30am to head back to Columbus, while Simon and I stayed back to go visit Grandpa. We met up with Aunt Miranda, Aunt Kristen and Uncle Brett for breakfast before heading to Grandpa’s house. We always eat at this little airport place near my hometown. I had oatmeal and when I asked if they had bananas, they said no. I said, “What kind of fruit do you have?” They said, “We don’t have fruit.” Does anyone else find this strange? It was still a good meal!

My Grandpa loved seeing Simon and I loved seeing him. I took some books home for him to look at with me, with historical pictures in them of OSU neighborhoods. Grandpa remembered many of the OSU campus buildings that used to hold agriculture courses in them. He also mentioned how some campus buildings had metal fire escapes coming down from the second floors and how students would be pouring down the fire escapes in between classes. He also told me about the pasteurization process that took place in the basement of one of the classroom buildings, and how he worked there and pasteurized milk that later was sent out and served in the Dining Commons on campus. I love hearing stories about what college was like when Grandpa was there. Very cool.

My Uncle Dan and cousin Katherine also came over to Grandpa’s to meet Simon and Kat very sweetly gave us a cute early Christmas present- a stocking for Simon’s First Christmas and an adorable pair of red and green socks. She was so sweet.

Simon and Cousin Kat
  • Things I was most thankful for this year:
  • Simon not getting the flu when we had it- and staying pretty healthy so far.
  • Hearing Simon laugh more often.
  • Family- my new little one and Simon’s extended one.
  • Mornings off work in our bed with the baby.
  • A great meal at my parents’ house.
  • Gabe driving all the way to my parents’ house separate even though he was only able to stay for a few hours and then had to drive home so early in the morning.
  • Our cute house that fits the three of us so well, even if the floors are constantly dirty and my feet are always cold.
  • Gabe and the help that he always gives me- (even if he’s always got some sort of suggestion on how to do it better/his way).
  • 2 Days off work in a row.
  • A new work change is coming…more on that later.
  • Healthy family and friends.

I have a lot to be thankful for this year, and cannot believe we’re this close to Christmas. I’m still thinking about the next time I’ll be home or have extended time to visit longer with family or relax at home…but realize that every day we have off before Christmas is “booked” with something to do. When am I going to get shopping done?! I was hoping to hand-make some goodies for people but am guessing that won’t happen this year.

Here is a video of my dad making Simon laugh. You can hear my mom talking in the background, and my brother Brett chuckling, too. You can see my OSU sock feet tiptoe into the room to hear and watch. Nothing makes me as warm on the inside as hearing this laugh…and knowing that someone I love is making Simon laugh like that just makes me melt.

 Here are some more pictures from Thanksgiving at my parents’ house- always so good to be home.

Took a bath in the sink!


played on the quilt Grandma made me

I love to stand up (assisted of course!)


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