Look who’s talking.

So lately Simon has been testing out his voice. It’s more of a yell than a cry now- and he perks up his ears after making noises like he’s listening to himself. A lot of times he seems like he’s doing whatever we do- trying to say hi, or trying to sing. They say babies start “cooing” at this point in their development. I imagine cooing being a soothing adorable sound. Though Simon’s adorable to me- his yells with his mouth wide open are not quite soothing, definitely not “cooing”. But he’s pretty hilarious. Gabe and I often wonder what he’s saying. He talks the most in the morning. In the video below, I brought him back to bed with us and got him to sleep for another hour. I love love love mornings in bed with all three of us. He’s so snuggly when he’s sleepy. After we laid in bed for a while and Simon started yelling, we brought him down to his room to get ready for the day.  You’ll notice that he has a scaly scabbed up/scratched face. His dry skin is itchy and he keeps scratching himself raw. So I put socks on his hands. It’s pretty hilarious. In the middle of the night (while sleeping)  he was trying to scratch his face with his sock hands and couldn’t do it.

Obviously this video is better with sound. 🙂 We don’t know what he’s trying to say here- anyone got a guess? Let’s hope he’s not criticizing our music choices. haha!



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