20 Questions

I haven’t done a survey in SUCH a long time. I used to be the survey queen- I love answering questions that don’t really matter. Anywho, I found this survey and thought I’d give it a whirl…

1. Show us the inside of something cute. I had a hard time with this one, being that it asks for the inside of something. My cute thing is my Babyhawk-and the other printed side of this particular Babyhawk has Ohio State logos on it.  It is awesome!!! I was wearing it OSU side outward, as it was a football game day. And the CUTER thing is what’s on the inside of it, though this is after I’ve taken the babyhawk off…

inside of the babyhawk, once i took it off.

2. What’s the last homecooking you had? Gabe made Smoked sausage with green peppers and onions and peirogies (sp?) on Monday when I got home from work…impressive I know.

3. What do you miss? (In no particular order and by no means all-encompassing because I also miss friends in Illinois, DC, Baltimore, and even people here in Cbus that I don’t see enough..)


these people



These two

These people


this body (mine)
this body (mine)
Patio Parties/Summer
This being my walk home.


4. What makes you laugh often? The internet. Most recently inappropriate articles with lots of cuss words in them, like this one.

5. What’s your favorite word? Inevitable.

6. What are you trying to quit? Carb Loading. But I’m not trying that hard.

7. What’s your favorite commercial right now? We don’t watch enough tv really to know. All I know is I’m THRILLED I won’t have to see another Yes or No on Issue 2 or 3 for a long long time.

8. Who’s style do you dig? I’m not really into other people’s “styles”. I don’t have a style of my own- just comfortable and boring. Or traditional, what have you. I’m also wearing pants that I got at Express in 1997. No, I’m not kidding.

9. Link to a blog you discovered recently. It Made My Day has been bringing me laughs since I found it a few weeks ago: http://itmademyday.com/

10. What’s the last craft you made? I might be retired from crafting seeing as I now have the baby and work and all…we’ll see.

11. The last happy mail you got? A care package from Gabe’s sister Gretchen- with a Halloween picture frame and halloween candy bag that both have Simon’s name on them!

12. Something you’ve gotten recently? Aside from groceries- not much! Oh I bought another nursing tanktop at Target. Woo hoo!

13. What are you looking forward to?



14. Post a recent snapshot of yourself.




15. Recent Movie you watched: The most recent movie we watched was Away We Go– which we both thought was pretty disappointing.

16. Something you’re working on right now. Some sort of schedule- for bills, for life.

17. If a movie were made of you, who would play you? Reese Witherspoon

18. What gives you goosebumps?


19. Share a new obsession My obsessions aren’t new. But I do have a pumpkin scone problem.

20. What’s the meaning of your life?

To help/serve people who aren’t as lucky as I am, to be a good person/mom/sister/daughter/friend/girlfriend. Maybe someday a good wife. 🙂


One thought on “20 Questions

  1. Really enjoyed your survey….considering doing it myself. Although, if I were a red head I would definitely have Julianne Moore play me in a movie. My second choice would be Amy Adams, but only if Julianne Moore refused….which, come on, why would she. Our lives are fascinating — feed, work, feed, more feeding, tiny bit of sleep, feed, repeat.

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