Ever have one of those days?

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel incredibly awkward all day long and can’t really explain why? Like your skin doesn’t fit right and everything you say comes out wrong and your ears turn red from being embarrassed for the weird $hit that comes out of your mouth? And then it just gets worse with each passing hour? And you keep thinking about all the stupid stuff you did, or how you rolled over on your ankle in the parking lot of CVS because you’re not used to wearing shoes that aren’t flip flops or crocs….

That’s the kind of day I had…an awkward feeling one. One where I get all paranoid about my job and start thinking of all the things I should/could/want to/will do in it. So bizarre.

Anyways- WE FOUND A SITTER!!!!

A friend of our neighbor who has watched Simon the last two days has offered to help us out on Wed. and Thurs. and she’s IN GRANDVIEW and I met her today and just really liked her alot. I felt really good about her. AND she will have Simon only one day a week- that’s like pure one-on-one sitter/baby time. The other day she has 2 other little ones who come and I met them and they are adorable and fun. I’m so relieved. And she fell right into our price range. So even though it will be a “weird” schedule for Si, I feel good about our two sitters. One close to home, one close to me at work- and both of them make me feel like they really could fall in love with Simon– which is what moms want. I want someone to fuss all over my kid. Sorry, I just do.

So that was a good start. What preceeded the good start was SLEEP. Simon woke up at 4:30am and 7:30am. He woke up so late (I get the second + feedings) that I didn’t have time to shower this morning. So tomorrow I work again- and I have a lot to do before getting out the door with both of us and that’s a little stressful- BUT…then I have two days off in a row. And friends are coming into town. And we’ll have successfully made it through our first week of full time working parenthood.

Which I think should call for some sort of celebration in the next few weeks. Anyone up for a happy hour??? hehehe



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