whoa what happened

A lot has happened. My mom helped us out with last week’s first workweek back- and she bonded with Simon and enjoyed the afternoons with him. It was so wonderful to have her here in my house so I could feel great leaving and coming back- knowing he’d been cuddled and played with all day long. Plus she over-did it with lots of presents and groceries (OMG so many groceries!) and to top that off had a Gingerbread cake warm on the stove and all of my laundry done and folded on the bed when I got home on Thursday evening.  All of the laundry was folded on our guest room bed in little piles – towels here, socks here, Mandy shirts here, Gabe’s shirts there. There is something about how my mom folds laundry that makes me feel all warm inside. Like, a homey feeling…probably because she did laundry all my life and for the latter part that I lived in her house she was yelling at me to PUT IT AWAY (I hate putting away laundry). But the fact that she did all of our laundry for us while she was here made me smile for days as I let it sit in piles on the bed in the guest room (because I’m an adult and I can do that now).  It’s funny how the way-mom-does-things can make you feel like a kid again and all cozy inside.

Like when she worries sick over us being ill….because…

Gabe and I both ended up getting a terrible horrible flu. It very well probably was THE flu. It was AWFUL. For me, it started with chills that would not go away. I’ve never been so cold in my life. For Gabe it started with a headache and then cold sweats. With either of us, the other had to care for the baby on our own, which gave us both a taste of single parent-dom and I think a new appreciation for the other. Something I DON’T recommend: getting any sort of illness while lactating. It is extremely hard to stay hydrated when you’re sweating out a fever, and then trying to milk yourself every 2 hours so the baby gets the antibodies..all the while wishing you could breastfeed because dammit we JUST got the hang of this thing…ugh it was pretty terrible. I was leaning over the breastpump and truly thought it was sucking out my life juice. I felt energy depleting with each pump. Ugh. I kept trying to chug Gatorade and whatnot but anyways- after about two days of sickness/fever/death I recovered in time to go to our concert.

I bought Gabe and I tickets for a concert to see Andrew Bird for Gabe’s birthday in September, and we’d arranged for Uncle Brett and Aunt Kristen to come babysit (and cousin Gunner). I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to hear your sister-in-law say, “OH HE’S JUST PERFECT!” because you know what, I agree! And then to see Simon’s face when they walked in…full of smiles.  He seemed to know who they were and that they were here to have fun with him. It makes it much easier to go away for a few hours when you know the people watching him love him so much.

We started our date night off with dinner at a new place we hadn’t been to before, Level in the Short North. A friend of ours’ sister is the chef there- and we wanted to try it.  It was really good- like exceeded expectations good. The atmosphere was fancy-ish (for us) and we had the following: Crab-stuff mushroom caps appetizer, then I had bacon-wrapped grilled BBQ shrimp skewers with grilled green beans and rice pilaf– um YUM! And Gabe had buffalo-fried ravioli, which he loved. He added on a salad that he said was “Top Notch” because it was mostly bacon and bleu cheese- not at all a “healthy” salad but one that pleased him nonetheless. Throughout the dinner I kept looking around and thinking about how important I think Date-Nights are going to be. It’s so much easier to enjoy them when family is in town- Gabe’s or mine. We actually had a conversation that wasn’t about my nipples or having babies, or money. I don’t remember what we talked about but I do remember looking at Gabe across the table and laughing and smiling and enjoying our time together- which is something I really needed.

After dinner we still had an hour before the show so we went to the Elevator Bar and I had a GINORMOUS glass of wine. By the time we were leaving this place (about 7:55) I was wondering how I would stay awake for the show.

The concert was amazing.  It was at the Southern Theatre, which is a theatre I LOVE in downtown Columbus. We were in the nosebleed section but it was still an amazing experience. The first band, St. Vincent, was pretty cool to0- with a light show to go with their trippy music. Andrew Bird is a freaking musical genius in my opinion- really really cool and a one-man show that was unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

But the best part of the show was when Gabe put his hand on my knee and I felt like a real couple again for a few hours instead of these two maniacal parents wondering how we’ll ever have our shit together enough to convince Simon we’re worthy of having him.

So we had a good time.

The following day I had to be out the door by 8am to get Simon to the sitter and myself to work on time and BOY OH BOY that’s interesting. I seriously have 5-6 bags o’shit. 1 bag for the Pump. 1 diaper bag for the sitter, 1 diaper bag for me (I don’t know why I brought that one), 1 purse that is entirely too big, 1 bag of stuff I need for work. Let’s not forget the boy, who was swaddled tightly in his carseat with Sleep sheep. I thought he was going to fuss the whole way to work but instead he passed out.

Of course I don’t have any pictures because I was too frantic trying to get everything ready and out the door on time. Thankfully my sitter on Tuesdays and Fridays is also a photographer- BONUS! so she took “first day” pictures and I’ll be able to order some if they’re any good.

Ok I think I better go and finish getting Si ready for the day.


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