Raindrops on roses…

I am halfway through a glass of wine and it’s midnight. I should go to bed but I’m not going to yet. I’m in a mood…a good mood, a wine-mood. And as such I wanted to blog some of my favorite things.

Watching any member of my family interact with Simon. It’s so neat to see how they look at him, talk to him and laugh at the silly things he does. Today my brother Brett came over for a short visit and it was so neat to watch him hold Simon. Also my mom was here overnight and she was so helpful and awesome with the baby. I wish so much that they (mom and dad) lived closer so we could hang out more often. Thankfully they got tickets to the upcoming game this weekend so both mom and dad will be in town again soon.

Drinking wine…with my mom, or after I put the boy to bed. It is my unwinding time, and it’s funny but I feel most like a “mom” after I put Simon down…because I feel like I have a few hours to relax and get things done. I always wondered as a kid why parents seemed so eager to get us to bed. Now I know why.

The bedtime “routine” we’re doing. It includes bath, a bottle and bed.  I put on the Bedtime with the Beatles CD or another CD with great music on it and we make the mood in the room all chillaxed-out and I rock the baby to sleep. I can tell that he’s picking up on the routine of it all and he likes it. Mind you, he is an incredibly smart 7 week old.

Our ocean sounds machine from Target. We had to retire Sleep Sheep because he broke (boooo). We loved Sleep Sheep so. That’s a whole other story. (I wrote them a letter!)  But we replaced him with a sound machine that plugs in (have I mentioned how many batteries I’ve bought since becoming a parent!?) to the wall and plays the sound of the ocean all night long. We.Love.It.

Not working. Enough said. Actually I shouldn’t say that. I wouldn’t mind going back to work either part time- OR full time if I had someone related to me to watch the baby AND if I had regular hours.

When Gabe comes home from work. He comes home on his lunch hour if we’re here and when he comes home period. It’s adorable to watch Simon react to Gabe’s voice and presence. And it’s just nice to have my partner here to help me out.

Simon’s attempts at crawling up me and out the window behind me. I’ll put the video below, but it doesn’t even really capture how hilarious it is to watch him try to climb up and over me. He loves the windows in our living room. I think it’s the contrast of the dark wood and the white blinds, along with our bright red curtains, he stares and stares at the windows. When I hold him on my chest, he tries to climb toward the window and it’s adorable.

Walking. My mom and I took the baby on a fast paced walk up the BIG hill to Panera today for breakfast. I got the stroller together all by myself. I feel like this is something I could do on my own now, and I plan to tomorrow- weather permitting.

My new Swiffer Wet Jet. It leaves the floor smelling clean and fresh.

The fact that the Buckeye game should be on our tv this weekend. Yahoo!

This face:


And this one:


Did I mention the wine?

Here’s the promised video:


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