Joined the gym

But haven’t been there yet for a workout. I mean, I just joined yesterday so I don’t feel bad about not going yet. Technically I’m not supposed to for another 2 weeks but anyways it made me feel great to just have made the monetary commitment to exercise. If I”m paying for it, I will do it.

Simon and I have been enjoying our time together while dad’s at work– though I have to admit that it’s nice when Gabe comes home and I can go to the bathroom with the door closed, run to the library, etc. Being home alone with Simon has made us connect a little more I think. I wonder what it’s going to be like having someone else watch him. I honestly wish there were two of me. OR I wish we could afford to have one of us work part time or something. I think of how much he’s changed in the past 7 weeks and how much more changing he’s going to do and how much of that I’m going to miss because I’m at work. But I did spend a $hit-ton of money on grad school so I would hate to be paying off loans and not even using the degree I’m paying off. I think I’d feel a TON better if someone we were related to were watching Simon instead of a stranger. You people with family around to watch your kids- thank baby jesus every day for that because you are SO LUCKY.

Well Gabe should be home soon so I’ll hop off. I can never remember what it was I wanted to write about when I finally get a moment to write it all out here. Sorry about that. Here are new pictures to make up for the boring post.


sweet sweatsuit
sweet sweatsuit



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