I know I know I know

I’ve not posted anything in forever. But here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been up to:

  • Simon nursed! For the first time really he fed a full 3 oz. OFF THE BOOB- at the Lactation Consultant appointment last week. This is a huge breakthrough. After this appointment, he even nursed several other times, and we continue to try- though we are nowhere near becoming pro. That appointment gave me hope- though my hope is nearly depleted again now. We keep trying.
  • Simon had more bloodwork drawn. Booo. He didn’t cry. I almost passed out. I hate it when they have to try to find a tiny vein on the guy. It was awful. We had to have more bloodwork done because apparently Simon has weird thyroid levels and they wanted to double check them after the initial Newborn Screen.  Fast forward to the results: they are still screwy so we have to see an Endocrinologist. Awesome. I don’t think it’s THAT worrisome since we don’t get into the endocrinologist until January- but it does make me worry. Normally thyroid problems are something middle-aged women deal with, not newborns. Anyways, I think if the levels were super crazy abnormal they would’ve made our appointment for sooner than January. At this point, I think the Universe/God/Whoever you believe in is just laughing as they tally up the “costs” of having a kid. Holy shit it’s crazy.
more bandaids. :(
more bandaids. 😦
  • Speaking of which, we finally got our bills– for the hospital birthing and for the hospital stay at Children’s for the billirubin lights. Le sigh. More bills. Then today I got a separate bill for my epidural. I wonder if I would’ve sucked up the pain and not gotten one had I known how much it was going to cost me. They should include that in their “pitch” to get an epidural, “Would you like your pain to mostly go away when we stick this thick needle into your back? It only costs $2500 to start and an additional couple hundred everytime you self-administer some more of that numbing solution into your spine…”
  • We drove to South Carolina….and back. 10 hours in a car with an infant. We visited Gabe’s sister and her family and his mom and dad, who all live in Sumter, South Carolina. It was a great weekend of family-ing, even though most of the time I was a nervous wreck, trying to find a place to pump myself all the time, washing the pump parts, trying to look presentable in clothes that don’t fit right…just anxious in general. I was not a laid-back mom on this trip. But we made it unscathed, we arrived back yesterday.

Simon and cousin Madeline
Simon and cousin Madeline
Gabe's sister's family and our family
Gabe's sister's family and our family
  • Simon caught his first cold, and Gabe is sick too– which is what happens when you have 4 cousins that want to hug and kiss the new baby. So I spent most of last night up with the baby who can’t breathe out of his nose (poor thing). And he DOES NOT like his boogers being sucked out. The shrieks that come out of him when I attempt to suck the snot out with one of those booger suckers makes it seem like I’m giving him a lobotomy.
  • Simon now has baby-acne…pretty bad actually. Poor guy looks like a horny teenager. It gets worse when he’s fussy or hot (which he’s both most of the time) so it hasn’t been picture-taking time around here…
  • Simon has also started to get UBER fussy and we’re pretty sure it’s gas related. I’m not using the word colic, though it does come to mind. You may have watched the last posting and video which illustrates how loud his little farts can be.
  • The bloodwork came back with Simon’s thyroid levels still a little “high”– so now we go see an endocrinologist. I don’t know exactly what this means yet but I hope to have more information by tomorrow. Again, I’m trying not to be a paranoid freak-out parent….with a glass of wine. That I’m drinking right now.

I promise I will write more later- I have so much to tell you all. And I also have a little something to celebrate Simon’s 1 month birthday- but I need to tweak it before posting. I mean, all that free time I used to have???? Yea it’s been sucked up by the boy.