Thumbkin Letter: Week 3

Dear Thumbkin (Simon),

We’ve managed to keep you alive so far and you are officially 3 weeks old. You’re waking up. You’re moving from drowsy-sleepy-infant to baby-with-attitude. You are graduating to eating more milk with each feeding- we can tell when you’ve had enough when your little arms go limp and your fists unclench. You get so milk-drunk that at times your eyeballs will roll to the back of your head and it scares me for a minute.

You’re starting to get bellyaches and the tiniest little fart will turn your entire head so red as you try to push it out it makes my head hurt to watch you. You grunt and pull your long frog legs in and push them straight out over and over to get the air out.

When you sleep you will laugh- LAUGH, like you’re dreaming about something hilarious. I don’t think people believe me when I say it- but your dad’s seen it too- and we always just miss it when we try to get it on video. I can’t wait to make you laugh when you’re awake.

With your angry spurts you arch your back and scream as loud as you can. I’m convinced you’re figuring out that we come a-running when we hear your squeals so you know which ones will work the fastest.  Your dad can barely stand to have you cry for long- he’s always trying to fix-it as quickly as possible. I, on the other hand, take my time trying to figure out what the problem is- it’s almost a relief to me to hear you cry more as time wears on. You were so quiet when we first brought you home that it made me nervous.

You still smell SO good. One of my favorite things to do is just hold you and sniff the top of your head.  We finally had to bathe you though- in the real bathtub instead of just wiping you down with wet washcloths. You were starting to smell a little cheesey in your adorable double chin and neck folds- from milk that dribbles down when you eat too fast. We fixed it though. 🙂 You didn’t mind the bath, though holding onto you was tough…like holding onto a wet fish.

I’m staring at you from across the room- you’re in your bouncy chair. This chair has a button that we push to make it vibrate. I think it lasts 10-15 minutes before it stops on its own. The print on the vibrate button is already wearing out because we have to push it so often and we’ve already had to change the batteries on it. You love that thing. I think it’s also why you weren’t bad in the car- the vibrations from moving in the car lull you to sleep like your bouncy chair. You only woke up once to complain and eat on the 3 hour trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Salem.

Your Aunt Kim, Aunt Miranda and Uncle Eric, Grandma and Grandpa, and even Great Grandpa Simon all got to hold you and love on you a bit while we were home. Your aunt Kim didn’t want to put you down. Uncle Eric held you on his chest while we all sat around the kitchen table and talked and ate Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies and you squealed really loud when we moved you from person to person. Uncle Eric’s scruff on his chin left a little red spot on your head from where it rubbed. Uncle Eric and Great Grandpa and Aunt Kim all think you look like your Uncle Bert (Brett) and after seeing some baby pictures of him I’m starting to agree with them. I was sad Uncle Bert wasn’t home when we were there but I know we’ll see him again soon. Your great Grandpa was so glad to meet you- I was really glad you got to meet him too.

We’re planning a much much much longer road trip (10 hours?!) next week and I”m really nervous about it. We’re heading to South Carolina so you can meet your cousins on dad’s side of the family. They’re all so excited to meet you. They ask about you all the time. It’s about a 10 hour ride so we’ll see how that goes.

I can’t believe that you’ll soon be 4 weeks old- a MONTH?! It’s insane. Time truly flies when you’re having fun. Your dad and I would like to be stay-at-home-parents forever and just hang out with you and have fun like we have been so far. I can’t wait to see what kinds of things will change in the coming weeks and months. Okay you’re starting to grunt and turn red so I better go over and figure out what the problem is.

I love you,



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