Things I would blog about had I the time/lucidity.

** I have some opinions on the hospitals we stayed at- and I would like to share those someday- will try to remember to do that eventually. Basically, the people at Children’s are saints- the people I dealt with in Recovery at Riverside….notsomuch.**

one happy chubby family
one happy chubby family

1.  the menopausal-looking naked woman staring back at me in the mirror every day- who is she?

2.  why people with kids have dark colored furniture

3.  how awesome friends can be with favors and understanding our rationing out guests

4. how the hell we are ever going to go back to work or get on a schedule when I’m awake from 2-7am

5. how terrified I am of when Gabe has to go back to work

6. my predictions on our water and electric bill increases

7. my awesome parents and how they got us groceries so we never have to leave the house

8. my trip down the road to BP in my car, sans baby or Gabe, and how I almost cried the entire 20 minute trip because I was in my car, listening to my cd, just me. JUST ME.

9. being a person’s sole food source/milking oneself with a pump/my breasts

10. how freaking beautiful my baby is- and how I hope to God I don’t screw him up somehow- assuming i haven’t already

11. whether or not I will ever be able to relax again

12. whether or not I will ever be able to enjoy any of the alcohol people have purchased for me and brought over as gifts. (At this point I’m too afraid I’ll have to wake up in 2 hours and will sleep right through…)

13. my crazy hormonal dreams about work, running, and accidentally leaving the baby in places I shouldn’t.

14. how much I really enjoy being unpregnant- even though I’m leaking from every orifice and am pudgy in places I’ve never been pudgy before.

15. Simon’s brow and long legs and big feet, his lips his eyes and nose, and his Buddha smiles he does in his dreams

16. It’s summer outside finally, I hear???


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