Weight Loss Plan post-baby

  1. Breastfeed whenever the child wants, even if it means my nipples are eaten off.
  2. Make a dental appointment (I’m certain I have at least 8 cavities, and probably need a root canal. After all the dental work they’ll do on me, I’ll likely not be able to chew solid food for a long long time. Plus I’ll be paying off this dental appt like I’m paying off the LAST root canal I had TWO YEARS AGO- so I won’t be able to afford food.)
  3. Stop craving/eating sugar ALL THE TIME.
  4. Exercise with my new Ab/Birthing ball- to get some sort of “core” muscles going on in the midsection.
  5. Start by walk/running and then eventually just running out the door, tossing the infant into the arms of Gabe as he walks in the door, and sprinting up and down the hills of Grandview in the hopes that my thighs will trim down enough to fit back into my pre-pregnancy pants.
  6. #5 will be more easily achieved if I can successfully update my iPod with new playlists for running and the weather cooperates.
  7. If the weather DOESN’T cooperate, I plan on getting a gym membership.
  8. I normally don’t buy into this stuff but I’m SERIOUSLY considering buying a Belly Bandit.

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