Peter Pan: Lost Boy of Neverland

Well, we did it. All of the hard work and LONG days and nights finally paid off. It was an awesome weekend and experience, and I know Simon and I were both sad today, thinking about how “it’s over.” Obviously, I can still dress up like a pirate, and he like Michael, anytime he wants- but there was something truly magical about everyone in the audience GASPING when Simon yelled out “Christmas” and went flying into the air as Michael Darling.


On Monday before Friday’s performance, we showed up at the theater for our rehearsal to be told that: the company that’d been hired to build beautiful set pieces for the Darling Nursery and Neverland showed up a day late, with only partial pieces put together. What was already put together was rickety and not functional at all. Our Stage Manager and Assistant Director stood on the stage in front of our 78 person cast and crew and said, “We have no set. Tonight we are asking everyone to help build one” with tears in their eyes and frogs in their throats. Some parents drove to the hardware store, some brought their power tools. Some enlisted spouses with woodworking, building or creative arts skills. We piece together a beautiful set and was perfect for our show. I papier mache’d Skull Rock and stripped and glued my old sheets to logs for the Lost Boys’ hideout. There were moments that we all thought, “This will never get done.” And yet, it did.

Mermaid Lagoon
Cast photo

Of all three performances, I actually think Opening Night (Friday) was probably the best. Everyone was on fire and the audience was SOLD OUT for all three showings. It was incredible. To crawl through the audience telling kiddos in their seats to “Shhhhh” as a part of Hook’s crew when we sneaked up on the Lost Boys and Natives for Fights… it was just magical to hear them all ooooh and ahhh over the whole thing.

George did a good job as the Dish for both Friday and Sunday’s performance. He was quarantined with a stomach bug on Saturday though. Thankfully Bonnie watched him so my mom and dad could enjoy the show since that’s when they were able to come. My brother and sister in law and niece Landry all came to see it, too. It made us feel so loved and special to see so many friends and family come out to the show.

Sans costume, learning how to boy at Curtain Call
George’s new friend Charles, who played Red Hawk.
George missed his curtain call with the Preshow kids and decided to go out and bow with the Fairies. He didn’t have his tablecloth on, but it was cute anyhow.

Here are some photos we snapped backstage. Of course now I wish I would’ve taken more- of Hook, Peter, all of them. But the memories we have will last forever, I’m sure.


The crocodile was a HUGE hit!


Hook and his pirate crew!

And now to decide what show we’ll do next! I can’t wait to see what happens. I already feel like we’ve gained a new family and community through this experience.

Thanks to all who came and saw the hard work that went into it. I hope it was as magical for you as it was for us!


Aunt Bonnie and Franklin Park Conservatory

Before I post the very long and picture heavy explanation of this past weekend’s Peter Pan experience, I thought I’d start with our Saturday afternoon at Franklin Park Conservatory. I love this place. I usually find myself visiting FPC annually around February or March, when I desperately feel the need to be outside around plants WITHOUT a coat on, and Ohio just hasn’t quite gotten the message yet.

Since George wasn’t feeling good and couldn’t leave the house, Gabe and I decided to tag-team the hospitable Columbus host duties for our dear Aunt Bonnie who came all the way from NYC to see Peter Pan! It was really too cold to be outside, so I suggested the conservatory, and we had a great time. Gabe stayed in with George and planned on visiting with Bonnie later when he could leave the show after Simon was done flying in Saturday’s performance. Simon’s buddy Kyle came along with us for a great afternoon. img_4868 The picture of Bonnie above is from the tropical rainforest room. Butterflies were floating about in this room. Usually that creeps me out, but they steered clear of my head now that my hair is starting to get duller in color! ha!


The boys thought this cactus in the Dessert area was pretty cool!

img_4871img_4879img_4877 img_4862

Kyle is such a good sport and fun kid. I know Simon has missed playing with him since we’ve been so tied up with rehearsals lately. I know they’ll enjoy playing more together now that the show is over and the weather will get nicer soon. It will, right?!


I’m flying…

Well, Simon is. 

Busy day today loading in the set and helping feed the tech crew. 

We squeezed in a show (Garfield the musical) and haircuts and even grocery shopping. It was a crazy weekend but I think we got everything done. I THINK. 

GEORGE loves the pirate rowboat. We said “are you going to pretend to be a pirate?” And George said “nope I’m gonna be a canoe driver.”

Gabe got a good arm workout lifting Simon. And its going to be. Long week of rehearsals for all of us but I’m so excited and it’s so awesome that the kids love it too. 

Busy Saturday 

Today I helped out with two story times to promote the show- one at an adorable book store in upper Arlington and another at Grandview library. The boys came along in pirate garb, excited to see Captain Hook and Smee. 

My kindergarten teacher Mrs. Weir even came to the storytime! It’s so sweet to see her talk to my kids. She’s such a special person to me. 

Then Gabe left to go to Toledo for the night and the boys and I met up at the North market for lunch with our friends Lori and Max to see another show! This time it was at the Columbus children’s theater and it was Jack and Phil the Giant Slayers. The boys loved it. 

Live and breathe Peter Pan

We are living and breathing The Play right now, with lots of rehearsals and preparations. Last night was our first full run through and Simon was out sick, but he’s feeling much better and we’re getting excited for a weekend of preparation!  And SUNDAY Simon gets to FLY! I can’t wait to see all of that happen.

Last night George did a great job being a dish, even though he covered his ears during the applause at Curtain Call. This kid is so smart. I told him he had to hold his dish and he said “Well how will I hold hands with da spoon den?” Since Simon wasn’t around, the boy who plays John (Eric) was enjoying a new adopted little brother with George. Usually Eric and Simon are thick as thieves and it was sweet to see Eric buddying up with George. George loves running with the Big Kids.


Saturday we have two morning Story times with Hook and Smee, at a book store and the library, that I helped to coordinate for some extra promotion of the show. Then that afternoon Gabe is headed out of town for a night to hang out with his Toledo friends. Saturday night, the boys and I are going on a date at the Children’s Theater to see a show with some friends.

Some of the promotional images came out for the show and they’re very cute even though we didn’t have everyone’s costumes quite ready. A lot of family is coming into town and we can’t wait for it all to happen! I have to admit that I’m a little excited to have some Down Time. Although, I’ve already got us signed up for 4H as a family for Spring! And George starts tumbling in April, and baseball is just around the corner as well. Who am I kidding, we’ll slow down when we’re dead. Ha!

Tiger Lily, Hokolesua Chief, Peter, Michael, Wendy and John
Rufio, Peter, Michael, John, Wendy, Hokolesua Chief, Tiger Lily
Peter, John, Michael, Wendy, Smee and HOOK


I feel so lucky to have found this group and made the friends I’ve made and experiences so far we’ve had….I can’t wait to do more of these with the family. Everyone has enjoyed it so much and we haven’t even really performed yet!

Shrek, Fun Fair and Ohio History

Friday night Simon and I went to see the Grandview High School production of Shrek the musical. It was SO good! Simon loved it, too. One of his friends, Chloe Castle was in the show and she ROCKED it. It was just adorable. We had dinner first with our friends Max and Lori, which was also very nice. Pizza and madlibs at the table. We often go to plays the four of us and we were excited to be able to attend this one together, too.

It was a super late night and then we had to wake up early because….Saturday was the PTO fun Fair!!! We had a great time at the Fun Fair this year. I was in charge of the craft table again and I suckered my mom into helping. This year we painted sun catchers, made pipe-cleaner bugs, marble art, book marks, thumbprint art and more. It felt like the first year where everything was “under control” and not complete chaos. I’m sure that’s in large part to my helpers/volunteers.


Then we hung out with some friends for a bit at their gorgeous new house. Mom and dad stopped over to meet our friends and Saturday night we got a sitter and Gabe and I went to dinner in Dublin with my mom and Dad. It was a great meal, great conversation.  Then Sunday I grocery shopped and then we decided to meet Mom and Dad at the Ohio History Center.

We got a membership to the Ohio History Center in order to get a discount on their weekly summer camps for Simon, but after we bought our membership, they cancelled the program! But we’ve found that we really enjoy supporting that organization, and it’s nice to have another educational place-to-go when the weather isn’t great. Also we get reciprocal free entry into other Ohio Historical museums all over. Mom and Dad enjoyed the museum, too. The boys love the gift shop too of course.

George found a book that he likes, “Snow Day for Mouse” and I crept up to the kids’ area to find Gabe reading him a story. img_4637-1

George asked me to take his picture under “diss giant airplane”. While I was taking his picture, he was flexing his muscles, doing push ups (?) and then jogging in place. I truly don’t know about this kid.


This is inside the trolley at the OHC. Simon was loving on his new stuffed kitten, and George was trying to “drive the bus”


George’s favorite part of the Ohio History Center is this Lustron House that is filled with all things from the 50-60’s. We played “house” for at least an hour. He was “da faddah” and Simon and I were “da childs”. George made us cake and did the laundry. He made phone calls and ordered us to “go to bed now, childs.” He loves to play house. And I loved watching him figure out where everything goes and what everything does. He’s a smart little cookie, that one.